New benefits of online filesharing

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Inspired by an article, which totally changed my point of view on Internet business and filesharing I decided to try some file hosting services and see whether it is possible to get rewarded for uploading and sharing music (or any other sort of files) on the Internet.

According to my recent investigation – earning money online by sharing files is for real and this is how I started gaining benefits for uploading documents:

1) Pick one of the best get paid to upload websites (there are tons of them but I consider to be the best one so far).
2) Start sharing interesting documents – pick stuff other people would actually care about. My recommendation is music and books.
3) Try to promote your freebies as much as you can – use social networks, email your friends (but stay away from spamming) and don’t forget to mention your links in your blog posts.
4) Be creative about your files and watch your online earnings grow.

There is a lot of information about this Internet business niche and I am sure that you will have a lot of luck sharing music on the Internet. I think it to be very simple to do and getting up to 40 dollars per one thousand downloads is a good reward, as for me. Also, I find other great opportunities here:

Thanks for reading, hopefully you will be able to gain as much benefit from this article as you could.